The National Testing Agency is the body, responsible for setting the paper and conducting the examination throughout the country.

The cut-throat competition and the limited availability of seats have risen the stress levels amongst the candidates. It is common and completely okay to feel stressed or panic along the way. But, this shouldn’t affect the dreams that you have. 

To ensure candidates keep their confidence boosted, they should keep the following things in mind:


Often NEET aspirants make the mistake of rushing into things and trying to do everything all at once. Instead, candidates should set realistic goals that are practically possible to achieve and dedicatedly work towards meeting them. By setting realistic goals, candidates would be able to keep track of their progress and, can bring in reformations to enhance the same. 


 The truth is, no matter what you do there, will always be someone ready to shoot you down. Do not let people do that to you. Do not let them act as a source of negativity. More importantly, do not let people influence your NEET preparation journey. Be with people who motivate you and genuinely want to see your growth!


To ensure maximum productivity candidates, should take short breaks after every 50-60 mins of studying. This way they, give themselves some time to grasp what they read and not overload their brains. Long study hours could result in health problems and even a source of demotivation for some. As they say “too much of anything is harmful…” 


Analytics suggests that a candidate can solve most of the questions from the exam paper. If the concerned candidate is thorough with the syllabus from the NCERT book. NCERT books are a lot cheaper than other books and are available in the market. NCERT books are designed keeping in mind the economy and affordability. NCERT books are up to the point. They have various diagrams and illustrations to help the candidate understand in a better way. 


Candidates often make the mistake of ignoring the chapters they are weak at. They plan on covering those chapters sometime later. But by doing that they tend to panic and unnecessary anxiety. Instead of keeping it pending to the last minute candidates should focus on covering the tricky thing first, then moving on to the next. By doing so not only will they cross a milestone, boost their confidence, but also have ample time to revise for the same.

It is also crucial that candidates spend time with their family and the ones dear to them. Candidates should do things that liberate their mind. When found stuck, aspirants must not hesitate before reaching out to people with the needed knowledge for help and closure.

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