Question Bank features on Exampil app!!

When talking about question banks, it is one of the most important things a student looks for before the Examination, but, What are these question banks? Question Bank means a set of all the questions that are important from the exam perspective in one place.

Imagine if you get a question bank which is prepared by the toppers who scored a 99%ile in NEET. Did that make you feel that life will get easier if you found that? Well then, we got you all covered, on Exampil app we have a feature known as the question bank, under which the toppers have made a chapter-wise question bank especially for you. 90/90 Questions of Biology came from this question bank in 2020 paper.

Download the Exampil app now and get access to the question bank feature to ace neet with a 600+ score, get access to various other features like handwritten notes, flashcards, quizzes and much more!

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