More weightage chapters in physics

With Nearly 4 months left for the NEET examination,it is important to know the chapters which hold a higher weightage in the examination and prepare accordingly, this can be done by checking the papers of the previous years. Physics holds an important place in the NEET examination. The medical paper assesses the understanding of concepts with about 45 questions under the physics section. 

Analysis of previous years papers is important to gain knowledge about the trend of the paper, this will get easier for you to decide the chapters where you need to invest more time and energy. Here’s a list of topics with high weightage of the past 2 years.

CHAPTER NAMENo. of Q’s 2020 Marks No. of Q’s 2020 Marks 
Mechanics 1832728
Mechanics 2624624
Waves and Optics728728
Modern Physics728728

As shown in the table above, the chapter that carry a maximum number of weightage since past two years is, Electromagnetism, it had a weightage of around 50 marks, another important chapters with a weightage of 30 are Mechanics 1, Waves & Optics, Modern Physics, the comparatively lesser weightage chapters are Heat and Mechanics 2. 

All the topics in the Physics section are important but not equally, you need to divide your time on the basis of the weightage of the chapter. To ace NEET, a student should have in-depth knowledge of all the above-mentioned topics.Understanding the chapter wise weightage for subjects is a key component of effective NEET preparation. It enables you to allocate time in a manner that will help you to balance your preparation so that you are able to maximize your scores in each subject. 

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