The NCERT is written and structured in a way that students have a better grasp of the subject at hand. The concepts in the NCERT books aim towards helping the student understand concepts in a step-by-step manner. The NCERT acts as a foundation for NEET aspirants. It has all the basic-level information a student needs. Most reference books are complicated to use and have an advanced vocabulary, unlike NCERT, that has an uncomplicated language and is simple to understand as well. 

  •  Analytics suggests that a candidate can solve most of the questions from the exam paper if the concerned candidate is thorough with the syllabus from the NCERT book. 
  • NCERT books are a lot cheaper than other books and are readily available in the market. NCERT books are designed by keeping in mind the economy and affordability. 
  •  NCERT books have straightforward content. They have various diagrams and illustrations to help the candidate understand in a better way. 

Even though the majority of the questions come from the NCERT books, You can’t turn a blind eye to the possibility that some questions might surface from outside of NCERT books in the exam. NCERT books alone aren’t enough to crack NEET. Well, to clear a competitive exam like NEET, the candidate must be prepared for whatever challenge is given, to them. Referring to NCERT books in the initial days of your preparation is a fair way to jumpstart your journey. But, in the advanced stages of preparation, candidates must opt for other reference books. Reference books play a crucial role in their preparation process as it gives a better understanding and a new perspective on things. The more reference books candidates refer, the stronger their grip will get over the subject. 

In competitive exams like NEET, it is always a good idea to gather as much information as possible and act on the same. NCERT indeed is a blessing for NEET aspirants but, it is also crucial, they don’t solely depend on it and keep exploring on their own. Because something is always better than nothing!!!

The NCERT should be your primary source of knowledge. But candidates should not restrict themselves to it. Theft should always be on the hunt for more reference books and others alike, which would help them in expanding their knowledge. 

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