Introduction of organic chemistry chapters

Organic Chemistry is also divided into 2 parts, Organic Chemistry 1 and Organic Chemistry 2. These also include various other chapters which will be introduced further. First, let’s understand what is Organic Chemistry? Organic chemistry is the study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and preparation of carbon-containing compounds, which include not only hydrocarbons but also compounds with any number of other elements, including hydrogen.

Organic Chemistry is divided into 3 parts i.e. Basic principles and techniques which have the highest weightage, the other two chapters are Hydrocarbons and Environmental Chemistry which generally includes 1 question from both the chapters.

Organic Chemistry 2 is divided into 7 chapters and comparatively has a higher weightage than Organic Chemistry 1, the chapters included in these chapters are:- 

Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Alcohols, phenols, and ethers
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Chemistry in Everyday Life
Around 1-2 questions from these chapters come in the examination. All the chapters are included in the exam. To know which are the important chapters with more weightage and to get a question bank on these chapters download the Exampil app and get access to all the handwritten notes, video lectures, and flashcards prepared by our toppers! Download the app now! 
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