NEET at its core is all about competition and survival of the fittest, every year lakhs of students corrival each other to acquire those few seats in government and private, medical, and dental colleges across the country that would take them closer to their dream. Without a doubt the fees students have to pay for acquiring the study materials and others alike are on a higher-end and not everyone can afford that, but no need to panic the stigma that has formed around coaching classes is not necessarily correct because each candidate is different and what works for one might not necessarily work for the other. While many prefer taking physical classes to go about their course, many prefer learning from the comfort of their home via online lectures, e-notes, and others alike self-study alternatives available out there on the worldwide net. 

To crack the ‘National Eligibility cum Entrance Test’ (NEET) is not a ‘Child’s Play’ because of the highly competitive nature of the examination. Unlike any other competitive exam, NEET also demands hard work, dedication, willpower, patience and effective time management, and proper execution, especially when you are the one into self-studying with these factors working in perfect harmony no force on Earth can stop you from achieving the future you have foreseen for yourself. 


The first thing to do when it comes to any exam is to formulate a timetable, map out things and perhaps make a blueprint of how your days are going to be like until the D day arrives. Set a routine to organize things accordingly and, worship your timetable like a god, make it a principle you have to follow each day.


Devise a plan and aim at achieving targets daily.

Set realistic goals and work tirelessly to achieve those. 

Set targets and aim at gaining conceptual clarity rather than just mugging things up! 

It is important to study smart when you have such a vast portion to cover in such a limited time! Make sure you understand every concept of the subject at hand and make sure you practice for the same before your day is over. 


 Candidates should be aware regarding which book to study from otherwise studying for hours would not at all be fruitful, and as we have already established, TIME IS THE ONE THING THAT WE HAVE LESS, we have to focus of how to get the most things done in such limited time and have a profound knowledge of the subject. NCERT is the first book any aspirant can think of when he/she talks about NEET, so make sure you are familiar with the topics in that book and have a piece of deep-knowledge regarding the same. 

Some of the best books to refer to when preparing for NEET without coaching classes:

                       I. PHYSICS 

o NCERT Physics Class XI & Class XII

o Concepts of Physics- H. C. Verma 

o Problems in General Physics- IE Irodov 

o Fundamentals of Physics- Halliday, Resnick, and Walker

                     II. CHEMISTRY

o Concise Inorganic chemistry- JD Lee

o ABC of Chemistry for classes 11 and 12- Modern

o Physical Chemistry- OP Tandon 

o Dinesh Chemistry Guide 

                   III. BIOLOGY

o Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2- Trueman 

o Objective Biology- Dinesh

o Objective Botany- Ansari 

o GR Bathla publications for Biology 

Apart from these books, there is a lot of study material available online that students can choose from according to their learning habits and convenience.



This goes without saying that, practice makes a man perfect. And

when it comes to NEET it is practice, that will get you closer to

your aim. It is very crucial that students not only take out time for

studying but also keep sufficient time to take mock tests and self-

evaluate the things they lack in, put a finger over their weak areas

and work on it accordingly to turn their weakness into a strength.


It is always a good idea to frame your notes according to your

comfort zone, by highlighting the important, concepts and forming

your acronym which would be easy for you to recollect while

revising a particular concept, and mapping things out on your own

way rather than blindly following somebody else’s work.


While preparing for such national level examination people usually

tend to lose focus and sacrifice their sleep, as much as studying is

crucial, it is equally important to give your body some rest and

wake up fresh and give your body to heal before exhausting it with

trivial book knowledge. Only when the mind and body are fresh and you

can focus your energy on studying and get things done.

NEET demands a lot of time and patience, it is of utmost importance that

candidates understand this and work on it accordingly rather than

aimlessly drown in books. What you study for 8 hours can be read in

four hours if your work smart and plan on things well before the exams,

nevertheless revising the concepts time and time again would nothing

but boost your confidence and efficiency. NEET consumes a lot of a person and drains them completely, and that is why it is also crucial candidates focus on their mental health and be vocal about the thing that is on their mind. 

Rest assured embrace yourself to set off on a journey which would not only define what position you hold in near-future. But, also entirely change you as a person and your perception of things! 

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