How to improve logical reasoning for NEET

The most basic thing you need while solving the logical reasoning section for the NEET examination is that you should be clear with your basic concepts, you also need to optimize your observation skills, many times when you start reading the question and the question is lengthy you tend to show less interest and get distracted so you need to work hard on your observation as well as concentration skills.

You cannot just think in a single direction when you are solving the logical reasoning question, while solving these questions you need to consider all the aspects and think from different perspectives. Once you are aware about the concept you will know how to solve them, another important aspect to improve your logical reasoning is that you need to visualise the problem, an imaginary image in your mind will help you solve the problem easily and comparatively more quickly.

Here are a few tips that will help you improve your logical reasoning section in NEET.

  1. Keep your mind fresh and open, the test-writers are very good at paraphrasing.
  2. Learn all the keywords that are important and should be known before the examination, these keywords will click and help you improve your score.
  3. Try practicing the difficult questions diagrammatically, this will help you solve your questions faster.
  4. Make a particular plan to solve each and every question in a different way on the basis of the concept, As an example, when you reach a strengthen question, you know your first step is to identify the premises and conclusion of the argument, think of unstated assumptions, and then find ways to address the assumption

These are the basic things you should do while solving your logical reasoning questions, other than this, as correctly said, practice makes a man perfect. For that, you need to do a lot of solving to improve your score which can be done with the help of “Exampil”. Over 40000 questions, various strategies, video lectures, quizzes in just one app which will help you ace your NEET examination.

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