To get a score of 650+ in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, you have to study smart and study rigorously. If you study sincerely and be confident you can get s score of 650+.

  1. Devise a realistic study routine which you might be able to follow. Start off with the most marks fetching chapters and dedicate more time to understand the topics you find difficult to comprehend. 
  2. Be well acquainted with the syllabus and the topics that you have to cover and lay your hands on the right study material. Pick the most appropriate books for yourself and join a coaching class if that helps. 
  3. Be familiar with everything mentioned in the NCERT. The NCERT is one of the key players in NEET preparation and could prove to be a valuable asset for desired candidates. 
  4. Make notes that might come in handy to you. Understand in what way are you able to memorize the best and work accordingly. By making your own notes, you will be able to understand things in a much better way. 
  5. Practice makes a man perfect…only with practice, you will be able to increase your speed and accuracy. The practice would help you boost your confidence and directly impact your NEET final scores. 
  6. As much as it is important to study it is also important you give your body ample rest and take well care of it. 
  7. Study smart and stay confident.
  8. Set weekly and monthly targets for yourself and take as many as mock tests as possible. Mock tests give you a reality check and take your preparations one step ahead.

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