How to avoid negative thought before an exam

The most primary reason for getting negative thoughts during an exam is stress. Do not stress yourself a lot before an exam. Be prepared for the exam, the major reason for stress and anxiety before any exam is lack of preparation. Study well enough before an exam to avoid stress and anxiety. Take a deep breath. Meditate before an exam to release all your stress. 

Avoid getting bad vibes before an exam. Do not overthink or over-analyze anything before an exam. Make sure you don’t do last moment revision, this will hamper your scores a lot. While revising if you do not remember a particular answer, you will panic which will, in turn, affect your scores. 

Visualize success, make sure you keep your thoughts positive, and just know that you got this and you can do it. It’s all about you, you have prepared well enough to get a good score and ace the examination. 

Make sure you eat enough and sleep properly 1 night before the exam. Rest and keeping your mind calm before an exam is very important. Other than that you also do have the Exampil app to help you prepare for the exam stress free and clear the same with a 99%ile. 

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