Easiest Chapter in Biology

The most important subject for NEET Exam is biology as 90 out of the total 180 questions are from the biology section. Half of the paper comes under this section and that’s why there is a possibility of scoring good marks in this section. You should not just focus on the difficult chapters but also learn the easy chapters and try covering the entire syllabus. Here is a list of some important chapters from the examination point of view which are easy and with which you can score well in the biology sections.

The Plant Kingdom, Morphology of flowering plants, Cell Cycle & Cell Division, Human Physiology, Reproduction, Application of Biology, and Ecology are the most important chapters in biology which have to be covered.

You should be really thorough with the entire biology syllabus to crack the examination. You should have a clear understanding of all your concepts and learn each and every topic by heart to increase your scores. Start practicing MCQs and revise the syllabus. 

The best way to improve Biology for NEET is to make your concepts crystal clear, know the content, start giving mock tests, analyze your test and try improving your scores accordingly. With just 4 months to NEET 2021, we are here for you with a perfect solution to all your doubts and with an ample number of tips and tricks to improve your scores. Download the Exampil app now to get the benefit of over 40000+ questions, flashcards, mock tests, and quizzes made by our toppers to make you a topper.

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