Conceptual Video lectures by the toppers

Video lectures make students understand what they study and help to clear their concepts. On the Exampil app, there are lectures created by the toppers who scored a 99%ile in NEET. These video lectures are explained by them in the easiest way possible. The reason why the toppers chose to make these lectures is that students find it easier to learn from someone of their age than compared to the teachers.

Studies show that 90% of the students find it easier and memories things comparatively faster when they study from a friend than by the teachers. Learning with the help of toppers will surely help them because they will learn through someone who has been in their shoes, not only that but while teaching the topper is providing them with various tricks and strategies to prepare in a smarter way. 

These video lectures are made in Hinglish that means a mixture of Hindi as well as English which is easier for students to understand. Download the Exampil app now to clear all your concepts and learn with the help of toppers curated handwritten notes, flashcards, question banks and much more.

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