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What if I forget everything at the beginning of the exam?

The major reason why students forget the answers before any examination is because of the stress and anxiety they are dealing with exams, this hinders the remembrance and retaining ability of previously learned information from the students.  When you cannot … Read More

How to remain calm after failure?

The idea of “failure” itself stops many from even trying and giving up on their dream long before they wrap their head around it. The fear of failure triggers a variety of emotions inside the human brain. In a time … Read More

What if I don’t score well in mock?

Firstly, students need to understand that Mocks basically help you get confidence and help you to improve your question-solving skills. It also trains our mind to sit for 3 hrs and solve the paper within time. Mocks do not tell … Read More

Why doctors is an important profession during this pandemic?

Doctors form an essential part of an effective response against COVID-19. It is very important to contact a doctor if you are affected by the virus, taking proper medications and making sure that you are tested negative is necessary. Now … Read More

How to concentrate on studies while dealing with Mental Stress

We often hear students complain about dealing with mental stress while preparing for an exam and not being able to concentrate while studying. Major issues of these students dealing with mental stress are because, family issues, unsupportive parents, problems with … Read More

How to avoid negative thought before an exam

The most primary reason for getting negative thoughts during an exam is stress. Do not stress yourself a lot before an exam. Be prepared for the exam, the major reason for stress and anxiety before any exam is lack of … Read More

What is NEET?

The National Eligibility Entrance Test is also known as NEET is an All India Pre- Medica test for students who wish to become a doctor and want to aspire medicine degree. This entrance exam is for students who wish to … Read More


As goes the saying, “you are what you eat,” well it’s true. We are what we eat. To have an active and energetic mind we need to keep our body charged up, only then would we function better and in … Read More

Limitations of Kingdom Classification

Kingdom classification is the highest classification into which the organisms are grouped in the taxonomy. It is ranked above the phylum. In biology, a kingdom is a taxonomic rank that is composed of smaller groups called phyla (or divisions, in … Read More

Conceptual Video lectures by the toppers

Video lectures make students understand what they study and help to clear their concepts. On the Exampil app, there are lectures created by the toppers who scored a 99%ile in NEET. These video lectures are explained by them in the … Read More

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